EFCA Fall 2018 Newsletter

🍁Please see the attached EFCA Fall Newsletter.

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Local Ski Club Event

Ski Club

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Welcome to the Little Lighthouse!

As discussed at the Annual Meeting, the Little Library is now installed in front of June and Jeff Estock's house (98 South Shore).  Here are two shots, one with the installers and the architect – David Silverman.  Please come by and visit – take a book, leave a book!

Little LighthouseInstallers

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Smoke Detector Law

This is a good awareness message for our community as I'm sure most are unaware of, the law for smoke detectors has changed.  First we all know to replace our smoke detector batteries, it was always suggested a good time to do this is whenever we change the clocks forward or back.  Many might not be aware smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years as the sensor starts to lose sensitivity.  
From the Office of the State Fire Marshal:
Any battery-operated smoke detectors must be replaced with a unit powered by a 10 year sealed-in battery. The new law heavily emphasizes the use of sealed smoke alarms with the long-life batteries and silence/hush buttons. It is never acceptable to remove required hard wired smoke alarms and replace them with any type of battery operated device. The law became effective January 1, 2018.
Of course with these new detector you'll only need to test them when the clocks changes.
Jerry Truitt
Public Health Emergency Coordinator
Cecil County Health Department
John M. Byers Health Center
401 Bow Street
Elkton, Md 21921


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Annual Meeting Upate

Great to see everyone at the annual meeting.  We should have the meeting minutes on the website soon with the new slate of officers.  We may also have a few more announcements that people would like to see on the website – like this one looking for unused computers:  Link.

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2018 Annual Meeting

The 2018 Annual Meeting to be held at the Alzos residence on Sunday, August 26, noon-3 pm, rain or shine.

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Updated Phone List

Although the phone list is updated as changes are sent in, the list is replaced with the current "official" list kept by the Treasurer (Dick Guttendorf) annually. The map data was also refreshed.

If anyone sees errors or has questions, please let me know (mitch1138 @ gmail.com)

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Residents of elk forest protest New State Park

From the 5/20/2018 Cecil Whig, a article from May 15, 1968 about a proposed state part at Welsh's Point (also added to the Elk Forest history link), link here

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Cake Cats Re: is this a lost cat or a stray?

I’ve seen the Mim with the black and white kitten running around my gardens.  They seemed very scared, and I’m not able to get too close to them.  
I don’t know about getting them fixed, but maybe Debbie Koehler knows.  She’s been fostering some cats recently.

On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 9:38 AM R.D. <ralphrides@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi All Hope your Mothers Day went well.

That stray cat I was trying to care for all winter survived and had kittens. Herby named her Fruit Cake and she surprised me with her three kittens on Sat. Here is a photo of them. They are pretty gentle and I set up that insulated box for them as where ever they were living they apparently were evicted. They were sheltering under a bush in the rain Sat so now the kittens at least are sleeping in the box as of lat night. I was able to pet two of them so they are pretty gentle and have not chased any birds or squires so far. Any idea how I can have them fixed for free and who to ask to pick them up and return them after? Do any of you have a spare dog house you need to get rid of for them?

Here is a photo of them if you see them around.

Inline image

From: R.D. <ralphrides@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 26, 2017 10:14 PM
Subject: is this a lost cat or a stray?

Hi All, hope your Thanksgiving went well.

This small cat (see attached photo) has been coming round the house last few days, mostly daytime.

Is he a lost pet or a stray?

He/She seems pretty friendly, I have not tried to pit him or feed it. She has been nibbling the fallen bird food mostly.


443-406-2887 home call after noon only.

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Missing mail package, have you seen it?

Missing Package
Hi All, I have not received a package, have you seen it? can you look for it at any abandoned house mail boxes near you?

I contacted the post office. The items probably were delivered to the wrong mail box around 12 April. It is a heavy small package from ebay amazon, maybe 2 pounds probably in bubble wrapped envelope or small box.
It contains 16 Pcs 3.7V 18650 3000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Lithium Battery Button Top – Red
I attached a photo of the contents.
They are of little use due to the voltage, I need them to repair my portable drill battery packs.
If you find them please drop it off at 65 S Forest Road or call me to go get them at 443-406-2887

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