The Community of Elk Forest, Maryland

The community of Elk Forest is located in Cecil County, MD, on the peninsula between the Elk River and the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. The southwestern tip of the peninsula is called Welch Point and is property reserved by the Army Corps of Engineers for use for support of the C&D canal. This peninsula is a wildlife management area and is controlled by the MD Department of Natural Resources.

The Elk Forest residential area begins roughly where the text “The land between” is written in the photo above and continues toward the bottom of the photo. Elk Forest has properties bordering on both the Elk River and the C&D Canal.  There are over 100 homes in the community and most are year round residents. The Elk Forest Civic Association addresses issues of concern to the community as well as organizing several events each year.

The aerial photo of Elk Forest used in the banner at the top was one of a series provided by the late Len Schlotzhauer.  The two photos below from 7/23/23 were taken from a drone at 400 ft looking toward Welch Point (top) and away from Welch Point (bottom).

Looking toward Welch PointLooking away from Welch Point

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