Mosquito Spraying

Spraying is complete for 2022. Due to weather/wind, etc. not all sprays were conducted. Kirkwood refund the unused sprays which will be used for the dues calculation for 2023.


We have changed our mosquito spraying vendor and are now using Kirkwood Pest Control, Owner:  Tom Braedahl @ 800-537-8055.

The plan is to spray on Tuesdays and Thursdays, weather permitting. Please note that the truck will go into the property as far as it can; for straight driveways, the truck will back down as far as it can to spray; for circular driveways, if cars are parked within the driveway with no place for truck to drive through or turn around, the house will not get sprayed.  Locked gates houses will not get sprayed.

Sprayings to begin in April:

  • April -June 2x/week
  • July-October, 1x/week

Kirkwood is now providing a calendar with spraying history and scheduling.

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