Fall over Welch Point
Elk Forest Community Spring Cleanup 4-27-2019


Blue Birds are a frequent nester if you provide a good house for them. They are one of a great variety of birds that frequent our feeders and forest.

Blue Bird Eggs



Baby Blue Birds



Elk Forest has a wealth of birds from the tiny Humming Birds which visit us each year all the way up to Red Tail Hawks, Eagles, Osprey and Buzzards too.

Humming Bird



Humming Bird Battle



The wild life around Elk Forest is plentiful, from Eagles to turtles, you just never know what you’ll run into here.

A young eagle



Eastern Box Turtle



The insect life is astounding, you never know what new creature you’ll find next, a wide array of butterflys frequent us as do a couple of types of Humming Bird Moths.

Black Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly



Humming Bird Moth



Wild Turkeys with young



Wild Turkeys our for a walk



Two Young Bucks



Big Buck, no guns just cameras here and they know it.



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