Help Wanted

Need Computer Help?

Need help with your computer?  My son Day Leone is a freshmen at Bohemia Manor High School and we live in the Elk Forest residential area (Elk River side).  He loves building and fixing computers, and we have run out of problems for him to fix!  Since he is not old enough for a real job yet, he wants to volunteer to help with any Elk Forest resident’s computer issues, including software problems, hardware issues, purchasing decisions or just help getting to know your computer. If you have a question or issue you might want help with, please call Laurie Leone at 443-466-1586 or email me at and we will set something up.

Extra Computers?

Do you have an old computer or laptop you are no longer using?  Something just taking up space in your house that you don’t know what to do with or have been meaning to throw out?  My son is a freshman at Bohemia Manor High School and has a passion for fixing and rebuilding computers.  He is looking for more parts and pieces for rebuilding and for more computers with problems to solve.  He is happy to take whole computers or parts, working or broken, recent or antique!  Call or text Laurie Leone at 443-466-1586 or email at

We are pleased to announce the addition of a “Help Wanted” section to our website. $tudent$, looking to make a few extra buck$ this $ummer, willing to rake $ome leave$, paint $ome wall$, cut $ome gra$$, make $ome extra ca$h?

Send an e-mail to Dave Mitchell c/o  mitch1138 @ and he will post your availability.
Elk Forest residents, looking to have some yard work done, have some walls painted, have your grass cut etc? Check out our new “help wanted section on the website.  Include your name, address, phone number, and email, and your preferred method of contact.  If you are a resident member with part-time work for a student, please post the job here.

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