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Elk Forest Civic Association Meeting – February 24, 2021

A meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM on February 24, 2021.  


  • Christine LaPense, President
  • Joanne Silverman, Vice President
  • Cris Brookmyer, Treasurer
  • June Estock, Past President
  • David Silverman, Board Member
  • Christian LaPense, Board Member
  • Dave Leshner, Board Member
  • Dave Mitchell, Web Master


  • Kathy Alzos, Board Member
  • Lule Megahed, Secretary

The topics of discussion were as follows:

  1. Mosquito Control Spraying.  A quote was received and whose costs were favorable, from Kirkwood Pest Control, a local vendor.  A contract is in under review with sprayings to commence as follows:  April-June, 2021, twice a week and July-October, once a week. The proposed cost of this contract is $6,000 for the season with either credits or refunds being issued for missed sprayings.  The contract will be reviewed to clarify. Cris Brookmyer (Treasurer) indicated we will need to liquidate one of the EFCA accounts to fund this cost up front.
  2. Neighborhood Clean Up Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 10th, with a rain date of Sunday, April 11th.  Clean up supplies will be provided by EFCA (bags, coffee, donuts).
  3. By-Laws (June): 
    The Board proposed the civic association by-laws be amended to include the Webmaster as a member of the Board of Directors as follows: Article I-Board of Directors, Section 1. (A) The Board of Directors shall be composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer (Officers), the immediate Past-President, four elected Directors and the Webmaster.  Voting on the proposed amendment by Association Members will take place at the Annual Meeting in August 2021 and the EFCA Community Bylaws would be amended accordingly.
  4. It has been proposed that due to the change in necessary technology, a Web Master will always be needed and attend the Board Meetings, and therefore is recommended to be a voting Board Member.  This will be presented at the annual Member Meeting this summer.  The Community Bylaws would be changed accordingly.
  5. Discussion ensued around clarification on what exactly the “dues” constitute and how to define it in the Bylaws.  It was agreed that the traditional membership fee and the “Mosquito abatement” cost separation need to be melded into and under a single “dues” fee and that the “dues” provide the following:  1) Membership and voting rights regarding EFCA activity, 2) Costs associated with the yearly Spring Clean Up, 3) Seasonal Mosquito Spraying (contracted service), 4) Website maintenance, 5) Annual meeting/picnic, 6) Support of a Holiday gathering (as needed), EFCA signage (as needed), and general community needs as deemed appropriate.  The actual cost of the annual “dues” will be determined by the Board of Directors on an annual basis and presented to the membership at the annual meeting/picnic for voting approval.  At this time, the Board agreed to no changes to the Bylaws regarding the section on dues.
  6. Little Free Library: The Little Free Library is open for business.  Book donations for all ages are needed. Feel free to leave a book in the library or contact June Estock with larger book donations, or if you have any questions.

The meeting was motioned for closure by David Silverman and seconded by board members.  Meeting adjourned at 6:45PM

Recorded by Christine LaPense, President

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