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Elk Forest Civic Association

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February 24, 2021
June 23, 2021
August 15, 2021
October 27, 2021
March 23, 2022

Elkforest Civic Association Quarterly Meeting – March 23, 2022

Christine LaPense- President
Patty Truitt- Treasurer
Lule Megahed-Secretary
Dave Mitchell-Webmaster
Board members-June Estock, David Silverman, Christian LaPense and Ralph DeMartino

At 6:30pm a quorum of the board was present and the meeting was called to order by Christine. The agenda discussed is as follows:

  • Spring cleanup is scheduled for April 23 at 9am. The Silvermans will not attend. June offered to make the coffee and buy donuts. Patty will bring table. Mike Leshner traditionally takes trash bags to dump. It was decided that trash pick up would end at the Sinking Springs driveway.
  • Treasure’s report is attached. The account balance is $1541.02.
  • The mosquito spraying contract this year will continue with Kirkwood. Raising the dues were discussed but decided against. The EFCA CD account can be used to offset any additional costs, if needed.
  • There was a discussion regarding the EFCA involvement in Halloween activities and it was affirmed that the EFCA does not have any nor will any be sponsored.
  • There was an extensive discussion about aggressive animals in the neighborhood. If anyone is approached/attacked by any animal, the Cecil County Animal Control should be contacted.
  • There was open discussion on new residents, new home construction, use of the DNR hunting lands, gunshots/target shooting and a “progressive” dinner.  No actions came out of this discussion.
  • The Summer Picnic/Annual Meeting will occur at the LaPense residence on August 13 from 1-4pm.
  • Elections for officers will be announced in the newsletter. Dave Mitchell will make an email distribution list.

The President asked if there was any additional topics for discussion, with none suggested, at 7:35 a motion to adjourned was made.

EFCA Treasurer’s Report – March 23, 2022
Cash activity since Annual Meeting – 8/21

Balance at 7/31/21 7,562.11
2021 Dues Received 1,445.00
Refund for 2021 missed sprays 315.8
Transfer from CD 1,500.00
Website -15.17
Annual Meeting -516.72
2022 Mosquito Spray -8,750.00

Balance at 3/23/22 1,541.02


Fulton Bank 18,584.05 18 mos1/21/2022 0.45%
Fulton Bank 4,049.36 12 mos 8/6/2021 0.15%
Fulton Bank 4,508.32 12 mos 3/23/2023 0.15%

CD interest earned since 7/31/21 on the above was $53.35

Since 7/31, 17 people lhave paid.
To date 90 residents out of 112 have paid, which is 80%
2 new homes under construction & new owners at 1503 Elk Forest have committed to pay

2020-2021 Final Results
Dues collected in 2021 $7395
2021 Mosquito spraying -$6316
Other expenses -$656
Total $423

Elk Forest Civic Association 

Quarterly  Meeting-Oct. 27, 2021


  • Christine and Christian LaPense
  • Joanne and David Silverman
  • Patti Truitt
  • Lule Megahed
  • Dave Mitchell
  • June Estock
  • Mike  Leshner
  • Ralph DeMartino

President Christine LaPense began the video meeting at 6:30pm. The agenda was discussed as follows:

  • Mosquito spraying review-2 treatments were missed so $300 will be refunded. Concerns were voiced about missed driveways. Christine will discuss with contractor.
  • Winter Cleanup-weekend after Thanksgiving 12/4. Coffee and donuts will be provided as well as garbage bags. Treasurer Patti Truitt will reach out to Sinking Springs to get details of highway adoption details. Board member Ralph DeMartino voiced his concerns about the safety of the volunteers. Secretary Lule Megahed will investigate safety sign for cleanup.
  • Holiday Party-1/8, 5-8pm at LaPense rental. It will be run like the Annual Picnic- main dish and alcoholic beverages will be provided by EFCA. Families can bring a side dish.

Flyers will be distributed in mailboxes. Christian LaPense will add in next newsletter. 

  • Events for 2022- A Progressive Dinner on the same date as the Spring Cleanup April 23, 2022
    • Game/card night for Feb/March.
    • Annual Picnic- August
  • Open Forum- Christian LaPense brought up the topic of California’s new zoning laws and what it could mean to the future of our community. He suggests we investigate and research on how to prevent duplication of California’s legislation occurring in our community.

The video call ended at 7:06pm.

EFCA Treasurer’s Report October 27, 2021

Cash activity since our last meeting



Balance 7/31/21



Dues Received



Annual Meeting



Web Site fee



Balance 10/27/21





Fulton Bank



18 mo.


Fulton Bank



12 mo.


Fulton Bank



12 mo.


Balance 10/27/21



Total as of 10/27/21



CD’s Interest earned since 7/31 on the 3 above was $17.47


Since 7/31, 13 people have paid.  I sent out past due notices on October 8.   We have received 13 payments since that date.  To date, 84 residents out of 112 have paid, which is 75%.

Patricia Truitt, Treasurer

Elk Forest Civic Association

Annual Meeting and Community Picnic August 15, 2021

Committee members in attendance:

  • Christine LaPense-President
  • Christian LaPense-Board Member
  • June Estock-Board Member
  • Mike Leshner-Board Member
  • Cris Brookmyer-Treasurer (absent and excused)
  • Lule Megahed-Secretary
  • Kathy Alzos-Board Member
  • David Silverman-Board Member
  • Joanne Silverman-Vice President
  • Dave Mitchell – Web Master


The Annual Meeting was called to order by President Christine LaPense at 2:30p.m. Minutes of the meeting are detailed below:

  • Christine welcomed everyone and had new neighbors introduce themselves.
  • The Treasurer’s Report was read to the attendees.
  • Elections were held:
    • Treasurer-Patty Truitt
    • Webmaster-Dave Mitchell
    • Board member-Ralph DeMartino
  • Information about the Little Lending Library was given.
  • The concept of Progressive Dinners was introduced as well as game nights.
  • Halloween Parade and Party was discussed.
  • Newsletter is welcomed addition.
  • After Holiday Party to be held at LaPense home 1/8/22.
  • June Estock introduced the By Laws update to include webmaster position. Vote occurred with amendment passed.  Updated on website.
  • The history of funds in EFCA treasury was given.
  • Total attendance was 34

Motion to Adjourn Meeting – A motion was made by Dave to adjourn the meeting; June seconded the motion. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Lule Megahed, EFCA Secretary

Elk Forest Civic Association Quarterly meeting –  June 23, 2021

The Elk Forest Civic Association Quarterly meeting was called to order at 6:42 PM on Jun 23, 2021.


  • Christine LaPense, President
  • Joanne Silverman, Vice President
  • Cris Brookmyer, Treasurer
  •  Lule Megahed, Secretary
  • June Estock, Past President
  • David Silverman, Board Member
  • Christian LaPense, Board Member
  • Mike Leshner, Board Member


  • Kathy Alzos, Board Member
  • Dave Mitchell, Web Master

The topics of discussion were as follows:

1. The Annual Meeting and Picnic on August 15, 2021 will be held from 1pm to 4pm at 184 South Shore Drive, with the possibility of having the Kilby Cream Moo Mobile or another ice cream vendor invited to attend around 3pm. Christine offered to investigate. There was a discussion about entertainment. Mike offered to make contact with a musician. Christian offered to contact DJ. Members will be providing tents and tables to the picnic. Christine will provide burgers and hot dogs. June will be providing sodas. Joanne will provide fixings for burgers. Lule will provide coolers and ice. The flyer/newsletter will request attendees to bring chairs, a side dish or dessert. Elections will occur this year for the VP and Treasurer positions. Joanne offered to stay on as VP if there was no one else. Cris believes she has someone available to replace her as Treasurer.

2.  Christine and Christian will resurrect the newsletter. It will include the picnic reminder. Members offered to help distribute to mailboxes.

3. By-Laws: June showed us the new by-law amendment that includes the Webmaster position. Voting on the amendment will occur at the Annual Meeting and picnic in August.

4.  Financial Report by Cris. The accounts are now all consolidated to one bank.

5. Discussion about mosquito spraying. Everyone seemed happy with results from new contractor. Christine will travel with driver to ensure all driveways will be visited.

6.  Christine and others volunteered to distribute Welcome Packets to new neighbors

7.  The LaPenses described a traveling dinner party idea called Progressive dinners. The board was open to having it introduced at the Picnic.

8.  The Holiday party was discussed. It was suggested we have had it on New Year’s Day in the past. The LaPenses were kind enough to offer their rental for the event, however would prefer to have it the weekend after New Year’s Day. Thank you!

The meeting was motioned for closure by Cris Brookmyer and seconded by board members. Meeting adjourned at 7:33PM

Elk Forest Civic Association Meeting – February 24, 2021

A meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM on February 24, 2021.  


  • Christine LaPense, President
  • Joanne Silverman, Vice President
  • Cris Brookmyer, Treasurer
  • June Estock, Past President
  • David Silverman, Board Member
  • Christian LaPense, Board Member
  • Dave Leshner, Board Member
  • Dave Mitchell, Web Master


  • Kathy Alzos, Board Member
  • Lule Megahed, Secretary

The topics of discussion were as follows:

  1. Mosquito Control Spraying.  A quote was received and whose costs were favorable, from Kirkwood Pest Control, a local vendor.  A contract is in under review with sprayings to commence as follows:  April-June, 2021, twice a week and July-October, once a week. The proposed cost of this contract is $6,000 for the season with either credits or refunds being issued for missed sprayings.  The contract will be reviewed to clarify. Cris Brookmyer (Treasurer) indicated we will need to liquidate one of the EFCA accounts to fund this cost up front.
  2. Neighborhood Clean Up Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 10th, with a rain date of Sunday, April 11th.  Clean up supplies will be provided by EFCA (bags, coffee, donuts).
  3. By-Laws (June): 
    The Board proposed the civic association by-laws be amended to include the Webmaster as a member of the Board of Directors as follows: Article I-Board of Directors, Section 1. (A) The Board of Directors shall be composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer (Officers), the immediate Past-President, four elected Directors and the Webmaster.  Voting on the proposed amendment by Association Members will take place at the Annual Meeting in August 2021 and the EFCA Community Bylaws would be amended accordingly.
  4. It has been proposed that due to the change in necessary technology, a Web Master will always be needed and attend the Board Meetings, and therefore is recommended to be a voting Board Member.  This will be presented at the annual Member Meeting this summer.  The Community Bylaws would be changed accordingly.
  5. Discussion ensued around clarification on what exactly the “dues” constitute and how to define it in the Bylaws.  It was agreed that the traditional membership fee and the “Mosquito abatement” cost separation need to be melded into and under a single “dues” fee and that the “dues” provide the following:  1) Membership and voting rights regarding EFCA activity, 2) Costs associated with the yearly Spring Clean Up, 3) Seasonal Mosquito Spraying (contracted service), 4) Website maintenance, 5) Annual meeting/picnic, 6) Support of a Holiday gathering (as needed), EFCA signage (as needed), and general community needs as deemed appropriate.  The actual cost of the annual “dues” will be determined by the Board of Directors on an annual basis and presented to the membership at the annual meeting/picnic for voting approval.  At this time, the Board agreed to no changes to the Bylaws regarding the section on dues.
  6. Little Free Library: The Little Free Library is open for business.  Book donations for all ages are needed. Feel free to leave a book in the library or contact June Estock with larger book donations, or if you have any questions.

The meeting was motioned for closure by David Silverman and seconded by board members.  Meeting adjourned at 6:45PM

Recorded by Christine LaPense, President

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