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Eyes on the bay – A Brief Explanation of the Data Available for Viewing

The data being displayed represent many of the key measures of water and habitat quality for living resources such as fish, crabs and oysters. This information is being collected to guide the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay, its tributaries, and the Coastal Bays by identifying specific problems and evaluating the success of management initiatives. Like the atmosphere we are more familiar with, the Bay waters are a dynamic environment. Just as our weather – temperature, humidity and precipitation – varies from hour to hour and from season to season, the Bays' habitats – using measures such as dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll (algae) and water clarity – are constantly changing as well. In order to understand our impacts on the Bays and long-term trends in water and habitat quality, we must be able to measure and account for these short-term and seasonal dynamics.


MD iMap Services

Services are data or tools that can be used in desktop GIS software, thin mapping client software, or your own custom web-mapping tools.

Applications are websites that contain information, statistics, a web-mapping tool, and/or other related information on a particular topic. 


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