Highlights 2011-1961

Elk Forest History Highlights


Web Site moved to GoDaddy hosting and WordPress Content Manager by Jerry Truitt. The move will both save us money and make the site easier to use


Dues increased to $60 a year to cover cost of increased mosquito spraying.



Holiday party discontinued due to low attendance.

APM mosquito spraying $200/application, twice a week spraying thru June 30.

We honored John & Renie Poole for long service in the community, including managing the web site as they leave us for Colorado.

Cecil County Sheriff liaison says EF has low craime rate and shares list of calls for our 109 houses in Elk Forest.


Due increased to $30 a year to cover cost of increased mosquito spraying.


Seaweed is particularly heavy.



Emergency procedure and Vial of Life info given.


APM bug spraying $180/spray. Proposal to buy 3 AED's (defibrillators) for community (not approved).



Resident's names and addresses go on web site.

Continued concern about traffic safety at 213 & Elk Forest Rd.


Mysterious Elk Forest safety deposit box is empty.


CERT team offers reflective address markers, vial of life, organizes fire extinguisher training for community, develops emergency plan and coordinates with officials for emergency access to Elk Forest (water and air access).
Concern about traffic safety at 213 & Elk Forest Road with new soccer fields (pre-red light & turn lane).



Broad band comes to Elk Forest.

Gypsy moth inspection finds none. John Poole revamps web site.
Stapleford wants to rebuild a channel in the Elk River on the Elk Forest side.


Concerns about toxicity levels in Elk River and C & D canal.
Two sub-divisions proposed along Elk Forest Road.
Mail is mis-delivered a lot.


Welch's Point has increased traffic at all hours.
County did aerial spray for Gypsy moths.
Community comes out to zoning meeting to protest Bed & Breakfast at end of South Shore. Could have been a reality TV show: turns out the owners had several odd web sites and only pretended to want to start a B&B to get bank money to finish renovations to their home.


Concern about Gypsy moths, have lost trees.
Concern about bacteria levels in Elk & canal water, public beaches are opting for testing.
Cecil County sprays mosquitoes with Permethrin (has for 28 years), it also sprays for Gypsy moths.
Gail suggests a path that could become a channel.


Corp of Engineers puts C&D canal deepening project on hold for 3 years -Noennich's campaign paid off.
Proposed channel from Welch Point to Locust Point 50' wide, 5' deep due to start in fall. Dredqinq from Elk Landinq to Locust Point is done
Concerns about illicit activity in Welch's Point
Dogs running loose in neiqhborhood


Concerns about loose dogs
Welch Point quiet this vear. can get a Friends of Welch Point pass
Noennich is in battle with Corps of Enqineers over C & D canal dredging project.



Corps finally admits to spoils seepage into [:fh River $tbr last dredging and promises to repair the damage.

Town of Elkton buvs Elk Landinq to create living museum


Noennich is actively fighting Corps of Engineers over C&D canal dredging both on impact to communitv and accuracv of their data



Some local wells went dry

Fights and gunfire at rental of 1612 Elk Forest Road

Loose dogs roaming streets


Fire at Welch's Point burns 2 acres



Mosquito spraying is irregular

Gypsy moth count expected to go up

Lack of rain leads to leads to suspended algae – green foaming scum on Elk

Canal gets rip rap


Ray Ruhmann has file on history Elk Forest area (what's become of it?)



Mail box vandalism

Noennich attends meetings with Congressman Gilchrist and Corps of Engineers regarding canal dredging prooosal


No gypsy moth spraying needed



Elk Forest Road is finally paved, rest tar & chipped thanks to community efforts

Roberts creates database of residents

Mosquito spraying costs $68/spray

Waterways committee started. Noennich and Monaco send detailed letters to Corps of Engineers challenging their forcast and assumptions and why we oppoosed it. Spoils from 1975 dredging were put on Welch's Point and migrated into Elk River.

92 homes in Elk Forest


Residents have option of mosquito or gypsy moth spraying and pay fees accordingly


82 properties in Elk Forest



Dues are $5 plus Sael for mosquito spraying of $14 or $7 depending upon

driveway length. Amount collected does not cover the whole cost.

McCool of 1247 Elk Forest Road wins zonina eXdption to allow qun shop on appeal. Elk Forest decided not to spend $5000 to fight it further.

Real estate taxes have increased 4 fold in the past few years.

Two fires ished at Welch's Point

Elk Forest sign refurbished

Smith works with NOAA to update depths in Elk River for charts


Got road for curves, want sign for Lockwood dip



11 crimes in EF area, mostly malicious destruction (often mailboxes) and burglaries

41 attended second holiday party at Brantwood

EF held Night Out Against Crime and did a'Checkpoint Charlie stopping cars to handout literature.

-50 fulltime homes

McCool applies for zoning exception to sell firearms at 1237 Elk Forest, EFs $1,237 to fight it


Two cases of lyme disease.



Gypsy moth spraying done bv state for free

Canal widening will involve adding a ranqe light

40 attend first Christmas party

Poachers have crabs from local traps

Fee for mosquito spraying went from 6.50 & 12.50 to 7.00 & 14.00

37 attend annual meeting /picnic

Oil spill at Port Hermann Beach

EF selected for NET (neighbors & enforcement together) program


Twiford attended Corps of Engineers meeting on widening canal to raise our concerns.



Not enough gypsy moth eggs to warrent spraying

Trash dumpinq and construction debris at end of Elk Forest

3 cases of Lvme disease


DNR held Give a Day for the Bay and EF participated in clean up at Welch Point



Safety deposit box opened

31 members of EFCA

Study underway to deepen C&D canal


Mosquito spraying costs $12lhr 8-14 hr, to double next year


Notice to residents about burglaries in neighborhood & recommendation to join Operation Identification.



85 homes in EF

Oil slicks have increased

Major improvement in enforcement in Welch Point

Still no for cable in EF

36 attend annual meeting

Law goes into effect restricting tree removal within 1,000 feet of water, also lot sizes. Lots recorded prior to Dec 1985 grandfathered.


Still lookinq for deed for 5' stretch at end of South Shore Rd



Motorcycle gang left end of S. Shore Rd.

40 attend annual meeting


132 siqn petition to close Welch Point. Gate installed.



People trying to get to Welch Point via S. Shore Rd. Motorcycle gang hanging out at end of road

6'of land eroded along canal

26 attend annual meetinq / picnic

Welch Point closed due to illeqitimate use


39 attend annual meetinq / picnic.



New Elk Forest sign was erected at cost of $480

Rumor that mosquito spraying was done with water, really it was just skipped due to weather

State police check Welch Point, but concerns about parties, fire, trash and traffic continue

Several break-ins and vandalism occurred

Boaters come too close to docks. Letter sent to remind residents


29 attend annual meetinq / picnic.



Gypsy moth spraving done

DNR takes over enforcement for Welch Point

Proposed spraying all properties reoardless of payment

Proposed mailing dues / fees bills

Got EIN #


Whig article about EF frustration with trash dumping along road and at Welch Point. Vandalism, 4 wheel vehicles and trash dumping result in MD closing Welch Point.



Fair Hill Dam project not active

Mailbox vandalism prevalent

40 EFCA members and 90 property owners

Residents not happy that phone # will change to Elkton exchange

EF directory available


EFCA pays for private gypsy moth spraying.



23 attend annual meeting

High cost of gypsy moth spraying prevents EFCA from paying for it

Concerns about safety of hunting from duck blinds on canal

Zoning variance granted for beauty salon on S. Shore Rd.

Study for Fair Hill Dam project to stop silt from PA farms that flow into Little Elk
River vetoed bv Governor


EF protests Planninq Commission approval of home beauty parlor.



Gypsy moths defoliated over 7,500 acres. Their favorite is oak

26 attend annual meeting


First CD purchased.



EF writes letter supporting the proposed Flood & Situation Control facility at Fair Hill. Elk River is no lonoer considered navigable due to mud run-off

Special meeting to discuss marijuana problem on Dr. Krishna's property. Residents qiven leqal notice to move out.

47 members in EFCA


No progress on Lockwood road situation, ownership, or liability. Withdrew offer to help pay for attorney to research.



Authorized purchase of engraving machine for Operation ldentification. Signs put up.

Welch Point boat ramp installed and area landscaped

24 attend annual meetinq


Lockwood residents question who owns Lockwood Road, park and boat ramp.
Approach Shank to see if he will deed them over to residents. EF offers to help with legal fees.14 attend annual meeting in May, decided to do Auoust in futureConcern about modular home on Lockwood Rd., but it is leqalConcern about speedinq on Elk Forest Rd.McKelvev house construction stalledCould not increase mosquito spraying as sprayers are teachers and can only do 1x per week


Desire blockade at entrance to Welch Point.



Propose letter to object to 50 ft dredging of canal

48 members in EFCA


No news on park at Welch Point.



Ask Corps of Engineers to put rip-rap along Elk River to control erosion

Mosquito and civic association general funds separated


EF opposed Arundel Corp plan to dredge Elk River and install a pier to load barges with sand and gravel they excavate from their property on Elk Neck.



New method of mosquito sprayinq to begin, will increase to 2x weekly

23 attended the annual meeting, but little support for other social events

Residents bothered by loud weekend long parties at lot 38 owned by Quigleys. Property destruction caused residents to fear reporting problems individuallv.


Senator Miller announced that Welch Point Park project has been stopped. State of MD lost interest and its ability to be self-sustaining was suspect. EF would like it to be a wild life conservation area.



Request that Corps of Engineers close Welch Point to visitors due to vandalism and littering.

Atomic power plant proposed for Summit Bridge area

State considers addinq red liqht at 213 & Locust Point Rd.


EF active in demonstrating that Welch Point's silty shores are not suitable as
public swimminq area for the proposed public parkEF declines to pay for mosquito control, but would coordinate it. Spraying costs $7/hour for 5 hours = $3544 members in EFCA, 10 are year round residents, 17 families attend annual meetinqState plans to close 213 bridge completely for 8 months for repairs, but yield to local pressure to close only 1 lane at a time


Maryland proposes a recreation park at Welch Point.



EF to sell No Trespassing signs

Want signs on canal to slow down boaters

Concern about building permit granted for apartments

EF didn't collect enough money to continue pilot program of paying for extra police patrols ($50/wk) to cut down on mail box damage and other vandalism

Added canal side to mosquito spraying

Prooosed nuclear plant on Shaeffers farm

No picnic this year. better thinqs to spend money on

Elk Forest signs redone for $75n Sopocles and one on Stubbs Corner.

EF declined nominatinq a school board member for $2


Concerns about trespassers, hunters, loiterers and campers.



EF to take over mosquito spraying admin

EF agrees to take $3,000 and nets $1,641 from condemned 5' strip of land at the end of Elk Forest Road after paying lawyers and Quigley's and others who had expenses.

EF requested that Welch Point become a wildlife preserve.

Melnick asks EF to help with erosion on canalside, but no solution was oresented

18 members in EFCA


EF hires lawyer to fight US govt. condemnation of 5' strip of land and show that $3.000 offered is not sufficient.



Rumblings that MD plans a recreation park at Welch Point

New constitution and bylaws made

Quigleys complain of trespassers posing as government workers

EF president called to Viet Nam

5 groups of residents formed to each set up and share cost of mosquito spraying

Concern about commercial zoning

Membership cards are issued for first time

Lost deed to 5' strip of land (Poole found it 30 vears later)

44 members in EFCA


EF pays for county mosquito spraying limited to amount of funds.



Funds are collected for leoalfees for 5'strip of land

Legislators invited to inspect Welch Point and 62 acres the government plans to take

23 attend annual meeting


Board fights – Quigley vs. rest.

Proposed state park at Welsh's Point (Cecil Whig review 5/2018), May 15, 1968 article here

US government plans to condemn 5' strip of land that Quigleys deeded to EF plus 62 acres of private land on south side of Elk Forest Rd. The amount offered by MD for the 62 acres was well below market value

57 members in EFCA


Septic violations occurring.



Use of Shaeffer's farm was discussed

Considered askinq sheriff to deputize 2-3 residents to help combat crime

List of residents and minutes sent to residents

Considered building a school bus shelter

BF Goodrich plans to build a chemical plant on C&D canal about 1.5 miles above
Chesapeake City. 990 acres were rezoned from residential to heavy industrial.

EF funds Cecil Countv Anti-Pollution Leaque


20 members attend annual meeting.



5' strip of land at end of Elk Forest Rd and S. Shore Rd deeded by Quigley's to EFCA to gain clout in fiqht to protect Welch Point.

Hire lawer to fight condemnation of 5' strip of land


Forest Ranger came to speak about rules on fires.



Brown has a letter saying there will be no state park at Welch's Point and no more dumpinq either

Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Co did the dumpins at Welch Point

Lockwood residences become part of Elk Forest Civic Assn

Want info on small strio of land at end of S. Shore Rd.

Corps of Engineers takes no responsibility for dumping mud in front of EF properties

Erosion on canal an issue, want to pressure Corp of Engineers to put up banks

lnvestigated getting 5'of land between Elk Forest road and government land at Welch Point deeded to Elk Forest

First road side clean up


Residents want to stop plans for public park at Welch Point.



Canal dredginq spoils damaqe Elk River


EF pays for patrolling during deer season and for ads saying the hunting is illegal without written permission from owners.



This is second season of civic association and fiscal year end changed to August 31 from December 31


Hold initial meeting, attended by 30, agree to start Civic Association Articles appearinq about proposed park at Welch Point.



No huntinq signs to be printed and sold to members


EF residents fight proposed tap room adjacent to EF


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