Cake Cats Re: is this a lost cat or a stray?

I’ve seen the Mim with the black and white kitten running around my gardens.  They seemed very scared, and I’m not able to get too close to them.  
I don’t know about getting them fixed, but maybe Debbie Koehler knows.  She’s been fostering some cats recently.

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Hi All Hope your Mothers Day went well.

That stray cat I was trying to care for all winter survived and had kittens. Herby named her Fruit Cake and she surprised me with her three kittens on Sat. Here is a photo of them. They are pretty gentle and I set up that insulated box for them as where ever they were living they apparently were evicted. They were sheltering under a bush in the rain Sat so now the kittens at least are sleeping in the box as of lat night. I was able to pet two of them so they are pretty gentle and have not chased any birds or squires so far. Any idea how I can have them fixed for free and who to ask to pick them up and return them after? Do any of you have a spare dog house you need to get rid of for them?

Here is a photo of them if you see them around.

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Subject: is this a lost cat or a stray?

Hi All, hope your Thanksgiving went well.

This small cat (see attached photo) has been coming round the house last few days, mostly daytime.

Is he a lost pet or a stray?

He/She seems pretty friendly, I have not tried to pit him or feed it. She has been nibbling the fallen bird food mostly.


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