Smoke Detector Law

This is a good awareness message for our community as I'm sure most are unaware of, the law for smoke detectors has changed.  First we all know to replace our smoke detector batteries, it was always suggested a good time to do this is whenever we change the clocks forward or back.  Many might not be aware smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years as the sensor starts to lose sensitivity.  
From the Office of the State Fire Marshal:
Any battery-operated smoke detectors must be replaced with a unit powered by a 10 year sealed-in battery. The new law heavily emphasizes the use of sealed smoke alarms with the long-life batteries and silence/hush buttons. It is never acceptable to remove required hard wired smoke alarms and replace them with any type of battery operated device. The law became effective January 1, 2018.
Of course with these new detector you'll only need to test them when the clocks changes.
Jerry Truitt
Public Health Emergency Coordinator
Cecil County Health Department
John M. Byers Health Center
401 Bow Street
Elkton, Md 21921


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