A Message from your Presidents

November historically represents the beginning of the holiday season. We all look forward to family time, connection and celebration. As co-presidents of the Elk Forest Civic Association we welcomed new board members this fall and had our first board meeting on October 27th. We are looking forward to this coming year with some events and new goals we would like to share with our neighbors.

First, we would like to remind you that this is your neighborhood association. Your involvement can be as much or as little as you would like. We, as a board, have made it one of our goals to encourage and make involvement more accessible to our community. We have new message boards where we will let you know if there is new information to view on the website. A very big thank you to David Silverman who manages these boards with finesse! We want to encourage you to use our website which has been updated to be even faster and is meticulously managed by our webmaster extraordinaire, Dave Mitchell. (yes, we know they are our husbands, but they still willingly do the job!) You are free to contact the webmaster if you have information you would like to see on the website to be shared with the other residents of Elk Forest.

If you are new to our community, the website has all the information you need to learn about Elk Forest, its history and how to become a member. You can contact a board member for the password to the residents list. Membership includes invitation to our two annual gatherings and the community mosquito spraying. Living in an area surrounded by water and woods is a gifted lifestyle. Nature abounds, as does those pesky insects. Over the years we have banded together to do the best we can to keep somewhat of a control over the mosquitos and maintain affordability for all. It is not perfect and you can feel free to explore individual services but our experience has shown us that banding together has been our best defense.

We hope you enjoyed the Halloween event that was sponsored by the Palko Family. The children and the longtime neighbors look forward to the parade every year. The Association will be hosting the Annual Holiday Event this year. We have learned it is best to plan this in January as we all have so much going on in December. This year it will be on January 7, 2023. Save the date. It always proves to be great fun. So grateful to the LaPenz’s who have volunteered to host. Details will be posted on the website as we get closer. The message boards will remind you when to look!

Other events to look forward to are the Spring Cleanup and the Annual Picnic. Dates for our board meetings and these events are already posted on the website.

In closing, we are grateful to our neighbors who have volunteered to serve on the board. The board meetings are posted and will be displayed on the message board. All are welcome and we just ask that you let the host know you plan to attend. Always feel free to contact any board member with you concerns or information you feel should be shared with our community. We wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season! See you around the neighborhood!

Joanne Silverman and Sherri Mitchell

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